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CAMVAP is a federally incorporated not for profit organization whose members are representatives of the automobile industry, the provincial and territorial governments and consumers. The automobile industry funds the plan but holds a minority of seats on the Board of Directors.  The CAMVAP Board of Directors provides overall governance and direction for the program and monitors its ongoing effectiveness.  Program operations are managed through the General Manager and with two staff from a Toronto head office.  

Board of Directors

David Adams (Chair) (GAC)

Sadiyya Edoo (GAC)

Gary Frost (G)

Kelly Houston-Routley (G)

Brian Kingston (CVMA)

Barry MacCarthy (G)

Joseph O’Kurley (G)

Tim Ryan (CADA)

Peggy Stokes (CVMA)

Trevor Todd (CAC)

Member Associations

Provincial Government Members

Provincial Administrators

The CAMVAP team includes Provincial Administrators in seven locations across the country. These administrators, who, while part of the CAMVAP team, are independent organizations that provide contract services to CAMVAP. They work to ensure that the consumer and the manufacturer are treated fairly and equitably throughout the arbitration of each and every case.   The Provincial Administrators are the public face of CAMVAP who deliver the program across Canada. The Provincial Administrators are responsible for receiving and responding to inquiries, processing claim forms and applications for arbitration, scheduling hearings and technical inspections and communicating the results of hearings to the parties. All consumer inquiries to CAMVAP are handled by the Provincial Administrators. The Provincial Administrators are paid a fee to provide service to CAMVAP and an additional fee for each case handled.


The arbitrators used by CAMVAP are also independent from the program and provide their services on an as-needed basis. CAMVAP roster arbitrators are located in all regions of Canada and are assigned cases within their region and occasionally outside their region as program needs require.  The arbitrators who provide services to CAMVAP come from many backgrounds and professions and are completely independent from the program. The manufacturers are not involved in their appointment to the CAMVAP roster, their training, or their selection to hear cases. The arbitrators are paid a flat fee plus expenses for each case that they conduct. When a case is set to go to arbitration, the Provincial Administrator selects the next arbitrator on the roster who is available to hold a hearing in the consumer’s community. A brief résumé for the arbitrator is sent to the consumer and the manufacturer.

Technical Inspectors

Technical inspectors participate in CAMVAP hearings at a distance – they conduct their inspections at the chosen site, prepare reports at their offices and forward them to the Provincial Administrator for use in the arbitration. 

Binding Arbitration

Binding arbitration means that you and the manufacturer agree to accept the decision of an impartial person called an arbitrator who listens to presentations from each of you at a hearing and makes a decision based on those presentations.

If you make a convincing presentation and a CAMVAP arbitrator rules in your favour, the arbitrator can order the manufacturer to repair or Buy-back your vehicle. On the other hand, if the manufacturer’s presentation is more convincing than yours the arbitrator will dismiss your claim.

The arbitrator’s written decision is called an Award. Once the arbitrator gives an Award, the case is over. Neither you nor the manufacturer can appeal the decision and both of you must do what is necessary to carry out the arbitrator’s decision.

The arbitrator’s mandate and the arbitration procedure are spelled out in CAMVAP’s Agreement for Arbitration is available at or from the Provincial Administrator.

General Support: 

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