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1.  qualification worksheet and user account

You will need the following information about your vehicle :
  • The current odometer reading
  • The Vehicle Identification Number or VIN (found on the vehicle ownership, will be verified using services provided by CarFax Canada or VinAudit Canada)
  • Vehicle make and model year, and
  • You must have a file number and/or the name of the contact person you spoke with at the manufacturer when you were trying to resolve the problem(s) with your vehicle.

    You must meet the preliminary eligibility requirements:

    • Your vehicle is a  2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 or 2024 model year

    • Mileage of your vehicle is below 160,000 km
    • Your vehicle is a car, van, light truck, mini-van or sport utility vehicle which weighs no more than 4,536 kg (10,000 lbs) Gross Vehicle Weight
    • You were the registered owner of the vehicle when the problem arose, and still own the vehicle OR you were the Lessee under a lease agreement not less than 12 months when the problem arose and still lease the vehicle
    • You have tried to resolve the dispute with the manufacturer (according to the dispute resolution process described in your warranty booklet) and -
    • You have given both the authorized dealer and the manufacturer a reasonable amount of time and opportunity to resolve the problem.
    • You have not tried to resolve this issue through the court system.


    To check your claim status, login to the to the Claims Management System with your username and password.  When you have logged into your account, you will see what stage your claim is at.  To complete the online claim form, click on the blue ‘Complete Claim Form’ button.

    You will need the following scanned items:

    • A copy of your vehicle ownership must be included (please provide both the front and the back of the document),
    • You must clearly identify what defect you believe your vehicle has in the Problem Description section and/or identify how you believe the manufacturer has not properly applied its warranty to your vehicle.
    • If your vehicle is leased, the lessor must also sign the claim form.  The Provincial Administrator will obtain the lessor's signature on your behalf.
    • If you are seeking a buyback and your vehicle is purchased you must include a copy of your purchase agreement (Bill of Sale). 
    • If you are seeking a buyback and your vehicle is leased you must include a copy of the lease agreement with your application,
    • If you are seeking a buyback and your vehicle is financed with an outstanding lien, or it is leased you must complete the lien/ lease form,
    • Only those remedies listed on the claim form are available under this plan.

    General Support: 

    Call 1-800-207-0685 (toll-free)

    Claims Management System Support:

    Download the CMS Login Help Sheet

    Email to retrieve your username



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