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Have you already tried to resolve the dispute with the manufacturer's dispute resolution procedures described in your vehicle owner's manual or warranty booklet and have you given both the authorized dealer and the manufacturer a reasonable amount of time and opportunity to resolve the problem?  If you are not sure, you can speak to the manufacturer directly.  Find out if the manufacturer of your vehicle participates in CAMVAP by checking our Participating Manufacturer list. 

How long is the process?

From start to finish, the CAMVAP process takes about 70 to 90 calendar days.  We set up your hearing within fifty (50) calendar days of receiving your completed application. Then, within fourteen (14) calendar days after your hearing, we will send you a copy of the arbitrator’s Award. If an inspection of your vehicle is ordered by the arbitrator about twenty (20) calendar days is added to the process. If a decision regarding program eligibility is required by an Arbitrator, an eligibility hearing will be held. This will add about twenty (20) calendar days to the process.

Are You And Your Vehicle Eligible For CAMVAP?

CAMVAP is available to owners and lessees of new and used vehicles. Vehicles owned by businesses may be eligible if they meet the program’s eligibility requirements.

A Quick Check...

  1. Is your dispute with the manufacturer about allegations of a defect in the assembly of your vehicle or how the manufacturer is administering the new vehicle warranty?
  2. Are you a resident of Canada and was your vehicle originally purchased from a manufacturer authorized dealer in Canada?
  3. Is your vehicle used primarily for personal or family use? (See section 4.4 of the Agreement for Arbitration - Disputes which cannot be arbitrated)
  4. Is your vehicle from the current or four previous model years?
  5. Has your vehicle travelled less than 160,000 kilometers?
  6. Have you followed the manufacturer’s dispute resolution process (check your owner’s handbook)?
  7. Have you given each the dealer and the manufacturer a reasonable amount of time and opportunity to resolve the problem?


Disputes about a current defect in vehicle assembly or vehicle materials or the application or administration of the manufacturer's new vehicle warranty as it applies to your vehicle. 

CAMVAP covers most domestic and imported passenger cars, light trucks, sport utility vehicles, vans and multi-purpose passenger vehicles purchased or leased in Canada, as long as the vehicle is the current model or one of four previous model years.

CAMVAP is available to the current model or 4 past model years of passenger vehicles (cars, light duty trucks, cans, sport utility vehicles, multi-purpose passenger vehicles) that weigh no more than 4,536 kg (10,000 lbs) gross vehicle weight (GVW).  Your claim form must be received by the Provincial Administrator by the last filing date for your vehicle model year:

Vehicle Model Year Last Filing Date
2020 September 30, 2024
2021 September 30, 2025
2022 September 30, 2026
2023 September 30, 2027
2024 September 30, 2028
2025 September 30, 2029

CAMVAP is fast, free, friendly, and final… Can I Go To Court?

As a consumer, the choice is yours. You can file a claim with the courts or you can use CAMVAP, but you cannot do both.

Where Will A Hearing Be Held?

If your case proceeds to a hearing, it will be held in or near your home community.


CAMVAP Arbitrators can order the manufacturer to:

  1. Repair the problem with your vehicle at the manufacturer’s expense,
  2. Buy your vehicle back,
  3. Reimburse you for repairs that you have paid for already,
  4. Reimburse you for out-of-pocket expenses.

The arbitrator may decide that the manufacturer is not responsible for the dispute you have brought forward.

General Support: 

Call 1-800-207-0685 (toll-free)

Claims Management System Support:

Download the CMS Login Help Sheet

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