• CAMVAP Is Fair

    You will receive a fair hearing before an impartial arbitrator. Consumers with vehicle problems or warranty concerns like yours have used CAMVAP since 1994 and have given CAMVAP arbitrators high ratings for being courteous, professional and fair.
  • CAMVAP Is Fast

    From start to finish, CAMVAP targets 70 days to resolve a case. We work to set up your hearing within 50 days of receiving your completed application. Then, approximately 14 days after your hearing, we will send you the arbitrator's Award.
  • CAMVAP Is Friendly

    Your CAMVAP hearing will be held in a hotel meeting room, community centre or similar facility as close to your home as possible. Hearings are less formal than court. Other than common courtesy, there are no special rules about how to behave.
  • CAMVAP Is Free

    There are no fees to use CAMVAP but it may cost you to prepare and present your claim such as the fees and expenses of your lawyer, witnesses or interpreter.
  • CAMVAP Is Final

    Once the arbitrator makes a decision, it is final. There is no appeal. When the manufacturer carries out the Award, your claim is over and the manufacturer is released from any further responsibility for it.