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National Vehicle Arbitration Plan Gets a New Look

Tuesday, May 29, 2012 6:11 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

PDF Copy of media release – May 29, 2012

(Hart House, Toronto) The Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan (CAMVAP) – Canada’s largest consumer arbitration program ‐ unveiled its new logo and completely redesigned website yesterday.

“In the automotive industry vehicle models change every year ‐ usually with significant upgrades ‐ our logo and website were eighteen years old and it was time for a model change,” said David Adams, Chair of the CAMVAP Board of Directors.

“Like a new model year vehicle, the redesigned website has been upgraded, which will make it significantly easier for consumers to access information about CAMVAP’s services”, added Adams further noting that “The new logo and visual identity for CAMVAP symbolizes the partnership of government, consumers, dealers and manufacturers and the logo’s colour and maple leaf identify CAMVAP as being uniquely Canadian as our services are available from coast to coast at no cost to the consumer.”

Ontario’s Consumer Services Minister, the Honourable Margarett Best was in attendance at the announcement and congratulated CAMVAP for its 18 successful years of providing arbitration services to consumers and manufacturers.

“From its beginnings in Ontario in 1994, CAMVAP has become a consumer success story in every province and territory right across the country with positive success rates for consumers and a strong commitment from manufacturers to make things right.” said Minister Best.

CAMVAP is a national arbitration plan for resolution of disputes between consumers and the manufacturers of their vehicles. The program’s services are free to consumers and fully paid by the vehicle manufacturers. CAMVAP dispute resolution services are available for vehicles that are from the current plus four model years (presently 2008 and newer) regarding disputes between the consumer and the manufacturer about alleged manufacturing defects or the implementation of the new vehicle warranty. If the consumer prevails in the arbitration, CAMVAP arbitrators can order the manufacturer to buy the vehicle back, repair it, reimburse the consumer for repairs that have already been done and reimburse consumers for a set range out of pocket expenses related to the program rules.

For 2011, CAMVAP arbitrators made 83 repair awards, 11 reimbursements for repairs awards totaling slightly over $17,000, and 70 buyback awards totaling $1,930,402. There were 315 new applications handled with 269 cases going to arbitration during the calendar year, 14 cases being settled before arbitration, 39 cases withdrawn by the consumer and 5 cases found to be ineligible. CAMVAP’s target is to have the consumer’s case processed with consumer receiving the result in less than 70 days.

Consumers can contact CAMVAP through the website at or at 1‐800‐207‐ 0685.


Stephen Moody
General Manager, CAMVAP
416‐490‐0615 ext 201

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