If You Lease

For exact details on the calculation of the Buy-back amount refer to the Agreement for Arbitration. A copy of the Agreement for Arbitration is included as part of the application package or can be viewed on-line.

Calculating a Buy-back When You Lease The Vehicle

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Step 1 The amount paid as the security deposit for the vehicle. This amount should be taken from your lease agreement
Step 2 The downpayment (including the value of your trade-in, if applicable) as shown on your lease agreement
Step 3 Number of months shown on your lease agreement (i.e., 24, 36, 48, 60 months)
Step 4 Number of months your vehicle has been in use at the time of the hearing
Step 5 Number of kilometers allowed in your lease agreement
Step 6 Number of kilometres on your vehicle when leased
Step 7 Estimated number of kilometers on your vehicle on the date of the hearing. To be verified and calculated by the arbitrator on the date of hearing
Step 8 The excess kilometre rate shown on your lease agreement (i.e., 0.2 = 20 cents per kilometre)
Step 9 The before tax amount paid for a Manufacturer Support Extended Service Contract if not included in your lease agreement (if proven)
Step 10 Negative equity amount (if proven)
Step 11 GST or HST rate as shown on your lease agreement
Number of months remaining on your lease      
The downpayment or deposit (including the value of your trade-in if applicable) prorated over the remaining term of the lease  
Excess kilometres travelled      
Less a reduction for use for excess kilometres driven prior to the date of the arbitration hearing  
Less, if proven, a reduction of use for the before tax amount of the Manufacturer Supported Extended Service Contract  
Add, if proven, a reduction in the Negative Equity amount owing to the Manufacturer  
Buy-back Amount (GST or HST Inclusive)  
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