Arbitration Bulletins

An Important Notice to CAMVAP Participants

The following Arbitrator Bulletins may give you some idea of the kinds of topics that show up in CAMVAP arbitrations from time to time. These bulletins were prepared for CAMVAP arbitrators to inform them about emerging or recurring practice issues in the program. However, they do not predict what may or will happen in any particular CAMVAP case.

Notwithstanding anything found in an Arbitrator Bulletin, your CAMVAP arbitrator still has the independence and responsibility to decide your case on its unique facts and circumstances, according to the evidence and argument put forward by the participants.

Arbitrator Bulletins are not law or directions from the CAMVAP program. They have no value as precedents and do not bind arbitrators, consumers or manufacturers in any way. They are simply reference materials for arbitrators.

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By accessing the Arbitrator Bulletins I understand and agree with the content of this notice.

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